How we are keeping you safe during your visit

UPDATE 25/10/21


The lifting of restrictions by the UK Government on 19 July led to 'profound concerns' being expressed by health professionals that this decision risked 'exposing more people to infection'.

For this reason, we have continued to operate a best practice, common sense approach to how we look after you during your visit to ensure we minimise any possibility of infection.


  • We will continue to maintain the same hygiene protocols

  • We will continue to ensure good ventilation

  • We will take steps to avoid close proximity and overcrowding

  • We will wear face masks throughout the eye examination and when taking optical measurements

We will politely ask you to:

  • Use the hand sanitiser when entering the shop and trying on frames

  • Wear a face mask during your eye examination and whilst being measured for your new glasses

However, we are happy for you to have the freedom to try frames without the need to wear a face mask.

We are sure you will understand our reasons for adhering to these common sense measures in order to ensure your visit is as safe and enjoyable as possible.